Night runner japanese Oni mask -Rear Windshield decal sticker

Night runner japanese Oni mask -Rear Windshield decal sticker

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An oni mask is a type of mask used in Japanese culture, particularly in traditional theater, festivals, and rituals. Oni are supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore, often depicted as malevolent demons or ogres with horns, sharp claws, and wild hair. The masks represent these mythical beings and are characterized by exaggerated features such as large, glaring eyes, sharp teeth, furrowed brows, and exaggerated facial expressions.

The oni mask has several uses and symbolic meanings:

Theatrical Performances: In traditional Japanese theater forms like Noh, Kyogen, and Kabuki, actors wear oni masks to portray oni characters. These performances often depict moral tales, historical events, or supernatural stories where the oni represent evil forces or obstacles that the protagonist must overcome.

Festivals and Celebrations: Oni masks are also worn during various festivals and celebrations in Japan, such as Setsubun, a holiday marking the end of winter, where people throw beans to drive away evil spirits symbolized by oni.

Protection: In some contexts, oni masks are believed to ward off evil spirits or bring good luck. They are sometimes displayed in homes, businesses, or temples for this purpose.

Decoration and Art: Oni masks are also popular as decorative items and are sometimes crafted as works of art. They can be found in various mediums such as wood, ceramic, paper mache, or even modern materials.

Overall, the oni mask is a significant cultural symbol in Japan, representing various aspects of folklore, mythology, and traditional beliefs. Its use extends beyond mere decoration, playing roles in performance, ritual, and everyday life.

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This is for one (1) vinyl decal.
High quality vinyl that is rated for up to 5 years (depend from color, see technical details).
This is a Die cut decal with no backgrounds
The font that is shown in the image is the font that will be used.
Decal can be placed on just about any clean smooth surface. Laptops - Windows - Phones - Mirrors Cars Boats JetSkis etc.

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