Average Delivery Times

Since every decal is made when you order it, we’ll make and ship your order within 3 business days after you’ve placed it.

Once your order has shipped, the shipping confirmation email we send you.

After your order has shipped, our customers generally see their orders delivered in the below timeframes:

Location  Average Delivery Time Courier
USA 3 days Express (FedEx)
USA 4- 10 days Priority (USPS)
USA 1 - 3 weeks Economy (USPS) 
Canada 2 - 10 weeks Canada Post
EU, Norway, Switzerland 1 - 3 weeks Local Postal Service
International 2 - 10 weeks Local Postal Service

*applies to vinyl decals and stickers - all other items, please refer to international ship times.

 Canada and International shipping options have limited tracking. If your order does not arrive within the estimated delivery time above, please reach out to us and we’ll look further into your order.

Shipping times may depend on the location of the shipment address and the size of the item(s) being shipped.

All vinyl decals purchased through the StickyArtEu marketplace platform are manufactured by StickyArtEu and will by shipped from European Union (Lithuania) . All other items manufactured by an affiliate or pursuant to an agreement with a third-party vendor and shipped to the customer pursuant to arrangements with various shipping carriers for final delivery. This means risk of import charges (customs,taxes, duties) pass to you.


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