Nihon Nights Rear window decal Oni mask

Nihon Nights Rear window decal Oni mask

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Nihon Nights is a term that combines elements of Japanese culture and the concept of nighttime. Let’s break it down:

  1. Nihon: This word means “Japan” in Japanese. It’s a way to refer to the country itself, its culture, and everything associated with Japan.

  2. Nights: Refers to the time of day when the sun has set and darkness prevails. It often evokes a sense of mystery, adventure, or even romance.

Nihon Nights could evoke imagery of exploring the vibrant streets of Tokyo after dark, neon signs illuminating the cityscape, traditional lanterns casting a warm glow, and perhaps a touch of anime-inspired aesthetics. It’s a fusion of modern and traditional, capturing the essence of Japan during nighttime.

High quality vinyl that is rated for up to 5 years (depend from color, see technical details).
This is a Die cut decal with no backgrounds
The font that is shown in the image is the font that will be used.
Decal can be placed on just about any clean smooth surface. Laptops - Windows - Phones - Mirrors Cars Boats JetSkis etc.

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