Get promotion for your car project!

We are glad to inform you that we are looking for someone like you to be our face and voice in the public. Our StickyArtEU team is willing to promote your car project and expose it on social media if you register to our new Affliate Program. Get free stickers for your car project and attention from all our fans!

Our new affiliate program offers you an opportunity to earn money from your passion for cars. You may earn up to 35% from each sale or get free decals. All you need to do is to sign up and start promoting your unique referral link and promo code. If someone buys a decal using your referral link, you earn money. It's simple and easy way to get some additional income. In return we offer you a sponsorship. We will post your car project story on our blog and social media. So you will get attention from all our fans.

This is a limited time offer and a rare opportunity to show-off. Take your chance to tell the world your story and be a part of our petrolheads community!

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