Meet Floyd and his stunning Nissan Silvia (S13)

We love cars and we love our customers. Therefore, recently we have decided to get to know our customers a little bit better and find out what they drive and why. This time we are going to present you our customer Floyd and his incredible Nissan Silvia which amazed us from the very first glance.

Owner: Floyd

Car: 1991 Nissan Silvia 200sx

Engine: SR20DET (minor modifications)

Power at wheels: 360 hp

Follow on Instagram: floyd200sx

This car is a true piece of art from the very beginning of the 90’s. S13 Silvia was widely popular car in Japan back than and a successful drifting vehicle. This car was also known for successful racing in the IMSA GTU class during the 1990s. So, when we saw it, we just knew that we simply must ask a little bit more about this beauty.

Silvia was not the first car to Floyd, but as he says himself – nothing was as major as this. This is also a first long term and so significant project for him. Deciding which car to choose was not an easy task but when Floyd got into JDM and drifting life everything changed. Being famous for its drifting capabilities and competing with Honda Prelude, Mazda MX-6, Toyota Celica and Mitsubishi Eclipse, Nissan Silvia won Floyd’s heart.

Asked why Silvia, he just answered: “Just look at it! Why wouldn't it?”

And we couldn’t argue with that.

Floyd is the one of those car enthusiasts who put their own hands on to get some dirt and feel the soul of their sweethearts. It took five years for Floyd to finally achieve his vision. He did as much as he could by himself beside painting and tuning. Other works were dedicated for reliable and high quality professionals accepting only the best results. When you pay so much time, effort and funds to your vehicle, exactingness becomes a status quo.

“My car means the world to me.” – says Floyd.

Floyd experienced a lot of thrilling and breath taking moments with his Nissan Silvia. He told us about one of his most interesting happenings with his car which was indeed one of the most exciting we had heard. Before changing the engine of his Silvia to newer SR20DET, it was originally powered by CA18DET (bore 83 mm (3.3 in), stroke 83.6 mm (3.29 in)) producing 167 hp. This change however was provoked not because of a need for higher performance, but because the previous engine… just caught on fire while driving! This forced modification provided more power and torque to Silvia due to higher displacement and better turbocharger.

Asked about the modification which he is the most proud of, Floyd was sure:

“Running huge wheels with big offset to get the stance look!”

Obviously we have real stance fans among our customers and we are proud of that!

Floyd is a regular participant in many auto-shows and tries to get his car out there as much as possible. This is his life style and his car is a part of his personality. He constantly works getting more interest and followers on Instagram and tries to engage with similar auto-enthusiasts as he is. Follow him if you want to discover the newest upgrades of his car.

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