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Some people buy cars for transportation and before buying them they consider several things like economy, price, quality, maybe ecology and some additional benefits such as leather interior, navigation, speed control or similar. But we are not that people. We have never bought a car based on simple numbers or a simple purpose. We buy cars having an idea, a dream. The car for us is not just a mean of transportation, it is an embodiment of everything we believe and stand for. There are many ways to show off in the world, to show your personality and creativity, but we chose cars for this purpose. If you think you are able to drive a boring car, well… most probably you don’t belong to our community. But don’t worry, we always give a second chance to those who really want.

Honda Prelude car meeting

StickyArtEU started much earlier than the sale of the first decal. It started with a car – Honda Prelude which is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. It was the second car of the founder of StickyArtEU Andrius. Tuned, maintained and developed by his own hands the car became his ID card and a part of Andrius personality.

“This is an exclusive car. I have driven it for more than 10 years and I have never had any trouble with it. I have only spent money on its tuning but not on its repair. Of course, except the regular maintenance like oil change and so on, but that is understandable. So if you are having car troubles, I honestly feel sorry for you, bro. I have twenty years old Honda and it still runs just fine” – says Andrius.

Honda Prelude before tuning

All the free time spent in his garage working on Prelude for Andrius was an exciting experience. Do you know that thrilling feel when you wait for the day when your car will leave the garage fully finished? Well, then you know how Andrius felt before his first drive. Is it worth all that effort and time? Hell, yeah! Do you count money spent on something like that? Let’s face it – probably not. In this case investing in your car becomes the same as spending money on a sport club or SPA procedures. We assume you know our favourite relaxation method – covering hands with nourishing oil and enjoying some gas aromatherapy. You cannot count money or time spent on something like that.

Honda Prelude stance tuning

Andrius still drives his Prelude cause sometimes it becomes just a bit too hard to say good bye to your loved ones.

“My car has ridden 500,000 km which makes 4 times around the world! And I have never needed any engine repair or something. I haven’t even made any modifications on the engine. Can you imagine that! It works like a Swiss clock” – says Andrius.

Some people ask Andrius why he does not sell that old piece of crap. But you do know the answer, don’t you? Still it is sad when sometimes people do not understand the difference between the spirit of the vintage and real garbage. We believe you and all our customers know the value of uniqueness. We live too short to drive just simple cars. Don’t you agree?

Honda Prelude car meeting


 This is the lists of the most notable Andrius’ Honda Prelude modifications:

  • Motegi lips kit
  • JDM door sills with PRELUDE lettering
  • Motegi fog lights
  • JDM Climate Control with NAV system + carputer based on raspberry pi and Kodi
  • OEM Cruise Control
  • Headlights retrofit with Audi lens
  • Color changed from Black to Berlina Black
  • Weitec springs / KYB AGX shock absorbers
  • JDM cluster

Honda Prelude front light

Honda Prelude interior with JDM navigation system

Honda Prelude JDM cluster


If you want to share your car's story, let us know. We would be pleased to tell it!

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