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What to Look for When Buying an Inexpensive Car Cover?

If you park your car under trees like I do and the birds are crapping all over theplace, well you could cut down the trees but I like the oxygen and shade, so why not try a car cover, you could just hide you car from the elements, they're pretty easy to put on. If you're going to buy a cover for your car, you need to know which one to get and that depends on what are you planning on doing with the cover   For example this is a very lightweight cover, hardly weighs anything, This thing, it's not going to go through strong weather for very long, other people who bought it said, oh I loved it...

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Custom Vinyl Lettering – the fastest and simplest way to express yourself

Your own car is not a lesser representor of your personality than your clothing, clean shoes or unique accessories. Regular car wash, some air freshener and maybe fancier wheels are common and more or less go without saying. But sometimes it’s just not enough. In order to express yourself, you have to put a bit more imagination and a bit more effort. There are many ways how you can customize your car starting with luxurious leather or fur interior, elaborated aerography, car wrapping ending with simpler customizations like car light tinting. But this time we gone talk about Custom Vinyl Lettering – one of the simplest, fastest and probably the cheapest way to pimp up your car and surprise your...

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Meet Floyd and his stunning Nissan Silvia (S13)

We love cars and we love our customers. Therefore, recently we have decided to get to know our customers a little bit better and find out what they drive and why. This time we are going to present you our customer Floyd and his incredible Nissan Silvia which amazed us from the very first glance. Owner: Floyd Car: 1991 Nissan Silvia 200sx Engine: SR20DET (minor modifications) Power at wheels: 360 hp Follow on Instagram: floyd200sx This car is a true piece of art from the very beginning of the 90’s. S13 Silvia was widely popular car in Japan back than and a successful drifting vehicle. This car was also known for successful racing in the IMSA GTU class during the...

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