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The Pros and Cons of Car Lights Tinting

If you are a real car enthusiast, most probably you want your car to stand out. Exclusive looks makes your car special, eye-catching and of course makes you feel way better as well. But sometimes it is not that easy to achieve exclusive looks without significant investments which are not affordable to everyone. Installation of unique car decal is one of the low-cost but high impact options. Yet, this time we will talk about another option - car lights tinting. It is fairly cheap and fast upgrade, but results may be stunning. However, there are some pros and cons that you should think through before tinting your lights. So let’s start with positive attitude and let’s talk about pros of...

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StickyArtEU - it's not just about car decals, it's about love for cars

Some people buy cars for transportation and before buying them they consider several things like economy, price, quality, maybe ecology and some additional benefits such as leather interior, navigation, speed control or similar. But we are not that people. We have never bought a car based on simple numbers or a simple purpose. We buy cars having an idea, a dream. The car for us is not just a mean of transportation, it is an embodiment of everything we believe and stand for. There are many ways to show off in the world, to show your personality and creativity, but we chose cars for this purpose. If you think you are able to drive a boring car, well… most probably...

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Who needs a car head unit when you have a tablet or mobile phone?

  Looking for something to replace that cassette, or CD player that came with your car? Instead of using some goofy adapter or FM transmitter, why not replace the entire unit with a mobile or tablet?So instead of spend the money on a stand-alone head unit for vehicle, used trusty unit. Simple and effective. This incredible Plug-n-play adapter runs out of a 12 Volts power source. It has integrated 3A USB Charger  4x45W Amplifer Bluetooth audio receiver    Installation Plug in adapters connector to OEM Honda radio connector, set Bluetooth and it's ready to use. Also in has AUX audio input, and can be used for other car project, example car computer based on raspberry pi. Or you can use it...

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Winter is coming and it’s about to get a bit more fun on roads! Do you agree? ✳ (y)To make winter even more exciting, we are announcing PhotoContest! During whole winter, send us your car photos with clearly visible our sticker on. All the photos will be posted on our Facebook wall and the most original photos will be refunded the full price paid for the sticker! The best photos will be considered as our „Top models“ <3. Good luck! 🏁 ✌  

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